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At Wight Laser, we work with a variety of different businesses across the Isle of Wight and Hampshire, delivering laser cutting and engraving services to a variety of sectors. We work with a diverse range of clients, understanding the needs of each individually and ensuring we deliver a laser cutting and engraving solution that best fits the application.

If your industry is not shown in our list, drop us an email with details of your requirements and we will give you a call to discuss some options that best suit your needs.


The Hospitality Industry is a place where unique and customised accessories make the difference. From menus and table stands to full external and internal signage, Wight Laser can help you stand out and attract more customers by creating a space that wows.

Wight Laser has long established ties with the Isle of Wight Hospitality sector; including hotels, pubs and restaurants.


Are you a business seeking locally sourced components? Laser cut parts are a fast, efficient method of producing components as part of a manufacturing operation or prototype and development process.

Our laser cutting process results in a superior edge finish removing the need for de-burring or other finishing, with the ability to incorporate intricate details and marking.


Using marine grade stainless steel, Wight Laser is able to produce high quality components to businesses operating in the marine industry.

We can manufacture flat laser cut profiles to specification from all materials as well as undertake high quality fabrication suited to both interiors and exteriors.


Wight Laser can produce parts and components for vehicles, including the body, engine parts and various mechanics, with a level of precision that will benefit any manufacturer operating within the automotive industry.

The use of laser technology delivers an extremely high level of repeat accuracy with clean and perfect cuts – no edge reworking necessary, as well as a high degree of flexibility in the choice of contours – without any need for tool construction or changeover.

Health Care

Wight Laser have produced and delivered much needed PPE to the Isle of Wight NHS trust during the COVID-19 pandemic, and recently became an official supplier.

We provide a fast turnaround on high volume PPE requirements for all health care settings, including care homes and hospitals, as well as educational institutions, retail and hospitality. We are also able to supply smaller organisations and individuals for personal PPE needs.

Marketing & Events

Planning a promotional campaign or event? Wight Laser can help with product branding and personalisation to create custom giveaways, as well as full event signage.

Laser cutting and engraving is an effective, fun and unique way to get your message out there, whilst standing out from the crowd, making it an essential service for creative agencies and marketing companies.


Retail signage can be laser cut to a very high level of precision, giving a stunning, aesthetically pleasing look to retail spaces, both internally and externally.

From shop signs, pop up shop stands and exhibition signs to point of sale and window displays, we can deliver!

Personal Projects

Got an artistic project you want to bring to life with the magic of lasers? Whether it’s intricate pop up Christmas cards or laser engraved skateboard decks, we can help make it happen!


If you would like to discuss a laser cutting or engraving project, please call us on 01983 716969 or email Alternatively, you can request a quote below

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